Tuesday – Happy Birthday Jpo!


TUESDAY 100622


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
15 ft Rope Climb, 5 ascents
50 Push-ups

David Millar 40:00, Kristan Clever 46:40, Rebecca Voigt 48:33. Post time to comments.

Veteran LAPD officer and United States Marine Corps Reservist Sergeant Major Robert J Cottle, 45, was killed by an improvised explosive device while on patrol in Southern Afghanistan on Wednesday, March 24, 2010. RJ joined the Marines at age 18, and the LAPD in 1990. His various LAPD assignments included Hollywood Vice, Southeast Area, LAPD Dive Team and, most recently, SWAT. He is survived by his wife Emily and 9 month old daughter Kaila. The LAPD established a trust fund for them.

Photo-5 Happy Birthday Jpo!!!!

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  1. Is it everyones birthday this week?? Happy Birthday Jpo! (and thanks for the blue eyeshadow Saturday..lol)

  2. Happy Birthday

  3. JPO…..happy birthday….my beautiful friend…:)…The workout looks very hard tomorrow but I would be proud to do it for a fallen hero!!! see everyone at lunch…Nooners is where it’s at!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Jpo and thanks for the awesome party last week-end.
    Still doing starting strength. So far I’m adding 15 pounds a week to BS and 10 to 15 on DL and about 5 on SP and Bench. I miss all the xfit WODs though.

  5. Happy Bday Jpo!

  6. Happy Bday JPo!

  7. Happy Birthday.

  8. All this love!! Thanks for the Birthday wishes:)

  9. Happy Birthday Jenny from the Block!!!! You are super cool and gorgeous and the best party planner in the world!!! Can’t wait for this weekend – we will celebrate together!!!!

  10. On another note, I am still exhausted from this morning, and my hands are still cut up. So pretty.

  11. Neptunebarbell.com has Buddy Lee jump ropes in stock with free shipping. Highly suggest those of you who borrow mine to order yourself one!

  12. Campbell says

    You know who you are!

  13. Campbell says

    45:34 Rx
    did RJ as a team with Stringer & Ben

  14. I will “ditto” that for Garrett ’cause I paid for his as a gift.

  15. UGH…..I overslept!!!

  16. Stringer says

    My hands hurt so bad that I am holding unopened cold cans of beer as ice packs…

  17. Are you SURE they’re unopened?

  18. Its 1:30 Hagler!!!!! WTF

  19. The rope climbs went well, the push ups a little below average. But the running (heat? or just being a wuss) absolutely destroyed me today. Probably my most pathetic run performance in my two years of doing Crossfit.
    Started feeling pretty bad on the 4th run and called it quits and posted my time for 3 rds.

  20. I did make it to the gym today around 3 pm…..Did 3 rounds…I can’t do the rope climbs so NEGATIVE rope climbs for me….15 per round but all the push-ups were military….the runs were the hardest for me..my legs felt like bricks from yesterday’s WOD….my time for 3 rounds of 800m run, 45 negative rope climbs, and 150 push-ups was 47:56…..Thanks to Kim and brad for letting me borrow the kitchen gloves for the rope climbs…my hands thank you too….:) see everyone at lunch tomorrow..

  21. I meant 45 negative rope climbs and 150 push-ups TOTAL…:)

  22. Campbell says

    Good work Hagler. 47 minutes is no joke. Way to stay with it.

  23. Campbell says

    I ordered a jump rope. Can I get a personal nail to hang mine up on?

  24. way to go!!! I didnt even show up from fear that this workout would actually kill me. That and I still have limited movement in my arms from yesterday.