Tuesday – Happy Birthday Amanda!!


Jt gives the thumb and a half up!

10 Bodyweight Back Squat

50 Double Unders

8 Bodyweight Back Squat

40 Double Unders

6 Bodyweight Back Squat

30 Double Unders

4 Bodyweight Back Squat

20 Double Unders

2 Bodyweight Back Squat

10 Double Unders

Post time to comments.

Wear your ugliest Christmas sweater Thursday night at Alpine Bakery at 6:30PM!  Bring a "gently" used coate to donate!  More details to come!

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  1. Good to see JT back in the gym!
    I’ll be in at lunch as usual but may just lift as I am back-squatting a lot at the moment, either that or I will do something short and heavy.

  2. Good workout with Breeze, G-Dog and Stringer. Didn’t realize how hard sled pushes were, they caught up with me very quickly. I need to work on them for sure.

  3. Fun wod today! At least 3 more to go this week.

  4. Did somebody say “sled pushes”??? My favorite!! Maybe tmrw… As penance for sand bagging my back squats today….was pleased with my DU’s. Another fun WOD with Kim, Meatball and Kimi…and Greg. Next time HAGS!!

  5. Did someone say “fun WOD”?

  6. Well, I did have a FEW things to say…and they did begin with “F”….but none of them were “fun WOD”.
    See you tmrw.
    PS Brad, pls bring the wire cutter for my rope. Thx