Tuesday – Day 4


Day 4:

Three Rounds:

10 Deadlifts: 275/185

30 Sit Ups:  No anchor, head touches floor, elbows pass the knees

Post time to comments.

As of Day 3 in the "Twelve Days of Christmas" Challenge Team Andy is in the lead 80-70.  Where are the videos????

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  1. 12 days of Christmas and no smack talk…..in Haglers words…REAALLLY????

  2. There is an awsome photo of one of the captains on cfnf facebook page

  3. That Justin Bieber is a strong kid. LOL!
    Merry Christmas one and all, I’m done for 2010 (heading back home for the holidays tomorrow) see you all in 2011.

  4. Bostic/JT…..tried hard but couldn’t beat Blake. 3:33rx. Probably the closest I’ll come to actually helping.

  5. Awesome work tonight team! Looks like we added some major points to the board!
    Great job David you were within seconds!

  6. andyreckles@aol.com says

    unbelievable job david. not on my team, but i have to give props when they’re do. that’s just plain moving.