Tuesday – Day 16 HSPU


800m run

100 Push Ups – 100 lunges

1 mile run

100 Sit Ups- 100 squats

2 mile run (Big Loop)

Bring an ipod.


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  1. Some people own mp3 players other an ipods ya know. People with other devices are treated like 2nd class citizens in this world.

  2. If you own an MP3 player then you are a second class citizen.

  3. What the hell is an MP3 player? Is that a knock off Ipod?

  4. Good workout today, but pretty tough. Thanks to Kevin and others who had gone before me and set me times to go after. I was pretty tired heading out on the 2 mile run, but felt better once I got to the Library. 33.25Rx. I didn’t have an ipod or an MP3 player or this may have gone even quicker.
    Jacklyn saved me with deodorant today, thanks Jacklyn. She and Hags were busily lifting away when I left. Britt, Alice and JPo did great on the workout. I think Britt went under 40mins which is pretty insane given the number of push-ups – BEAST!

  5. Shout out to the lunch time crew. You ladies and gentleman knocked it out and made it look easy!!
    Thanks HAGS for going up with me every time. I appreciate the push.
    You make the squats look so easy.
    Brad – We did 3×5 150 bs and 110 bench today. We did 5×5 dips and burpees.
    Ben – You are welcome. Hope your team wins today.
    See ya’ll Thursday.