TUESDAY 111108


Five rounds for time of:
15' Rope climb, 3 ascents
10 Toes to bar
21 Walking lunge steps with 45lb plate held overhead
Run 400 meters

Kristan Clever 21:18, Candice Ruiz 21:21 (25lb lunge), Kenneth Cutrer21:47, Rebecca Voigt 23:07, Katie Hogan 27:31, Lindsey Valenzuela27:47.
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  1. that’s a great pic…..looking forward to the rope climbs…..see everyone at lunch..back on track….:)

  2. Good job HAGS. Hope to make it in today, probably going to be later today.

  3. yeah…the rope climbs didnt happen…:( could only get one…damn it!!! sub the bear claws and did 5 rounds…..45:04 for me…see everyone tomorrow at lunch….Baldwin did great and alice worked hard…..great sweat!!!

  4. I miss you jacklyn!!!

  5. You did Great Hagler!!!!