USAW Regional Coach Don McCauley of CrossFit Savannah stopped by our gym for a visit and helped us with our lifts. He will be leading a weightlifting clinic at CrossFit Canton soon.  Details to come.


21 KB Swings 70/53
5 95lb/65lb press+push press+push jerk+jerk (20 reps total)
15 KB Swings 70/53
4 95lb/65lb press+push press+push jerk+jerk (16 reps total)
9 KB Swings 70/53
3 95lb/65lb press+push press+push jerk+jerk (12 reps total)

Post time to comments.

Come and get it!  CFNF Cookout this Friday after the 5PM class.  Free burgers, brats and beer!

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  1. I need some G-Dog back in my life. I miss our O-lifting lunch dates.
    Up yours G-Dog!!!

  2. “Oh baby I love your way!”.. Breeze don’t worry I’ll be back on Wed to WOD. I’m kinda sad we are not back squatting anymore! Can I still spot you somehow in O-Lifting?

  3. Umm, some things are better left unsaid Breeze. Unnnnnncomfortable.
    Note to self….never work out with Brad alone ever again and if I see him going to lock the front doors….run.

  4. I just got sick a little reading these post..

  5. 5:53 Rx

  6. taking today off…Fantasy football draft tonight at 5:30. See yall tomorrow.

  7. Ok….I can’t stand it anymore. It was me who hacked into the blog and made those comments from Breeze and G-dog this morning. I have been giggling at my desk all morning as I fondle myself, in my skinny jeans, staring at the pic of Big Ed and Breeze on the blog.

  8. That’s so cool, where can I get some skinny jeans? I’ll have Kim put a picture of Spealler up on the blog tomorrow so I can fondle myself too

  9. Did someone say more pictures of Spealler?

  10. umm, if my post doesn’t have this profile pic of my abs, then it is a hater

  11. flippin commie bastards

  12. Had a lot of fun WOD’ing with you CFNF folks last week. Who the hell was that little guy in the yellow shirt? I mean I know I’m the man and all that, but did he have to try and give me a reach around?

  13. u guys suck ass

  14. All manner Jackassery aside… Is anyone else besides Martine, Peggy and I going to Robb Wolf’s seminar on Sept 11? I think there’s still seats available.

  15. ughh, manner of

  16. Was that really Miguel?

  17. Yeah the above post was me… is this really Pebbles?