DSC_0006 Back Squat



4 Rounds:

400m Run/50 Squats

Post time/loads to comments.

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  1. Pleased to get back in the gym today. Worked on my snatch with Pistol and Breeze and basically I need to be more aggressive, so on a positive note, that probably means I am too nice (if their is such a thing). LOL! Snatched 145lbsx5 and then did yesterday’s WOD using 135lbs. Did it in 7.14RX and didn’t miss a lift.
    Need to get my Oly numbers up, they appear to be out of synch with the other Crossfit disciplines.
    Good lunchtime crew and an interesting 12.30pm group who were blowing after the first 400m. Have you guys finished yet?

  2. fun wod today. 200 Squats weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be. I decided to run to the 800 mark and do 50 squats there then run to the mile mark and do 50 squats there and then back to the 800 and then back to cfnf. My time was 15 and change. Two minutes faster than my best time on this wod, and that’s when I was in shape!

  3. Yes Ben we finished finally. LOL. That was “interesting”. Glad you’re back and knocking out wods as fast if not faster than before.
    Shout out to Nicole for her great du.
    Good job lunchtime, this wod sucked. (whining over).

  4. Good job Pistol!!!

  5. Sorry Jacklyn, I’d actually meant G-Dog Breeze and Stringer, not you guys.

  6. No apologies needed. It’s good to get razzed occasionally. I feel better now knowing the big dogs had problems with the wod.