1 Mile Run

50 Weighted Step Ups (40db, 30db)

30 Ring Dips

Post time to comments.




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  1. LOL.
    This is going to be a long one today but still looking forward to it.
    Thanks Pebbles for the nice comment yesterday.

  2. Yayyyy! All dips Rx today and no shoulder pain! I’m stoked! Dips are easier when i’m not a fat ass! Fun pool wod afterward with Gdog & Breeze. They smoked me.

  3. If you click on the pic in the blog today you get to see a BADA$$ pic of Jacklyn!!!! Wow, way to go girls and a huge difference from a year ago 🙂

  4. Way to go Pistol!!!
    Thanks Pebbles. Just decided to stop whining and show up and get it done.
    All of the ladies of CFNF have been an inspiration.
    You and Pistol and HAGS have been there since the beginning and though I have a longgg way to go.
    I can say I feel BAD A!!!
    Everyone at CFNF is encouraging and I don’t think there is a box like it.