Nicole takes 1st place in her heat at Survival of the Fittest this past weekend. 

TUESDAY 100824

Tie a five-pound plate to hang an honest 18" above your tiptoe reach and complete 5 rounds for time of:
50 Jump and touch
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
10 Pull-ups

Kristan Clever 24:13 (14" jump), Lucas Zepeda 24:34, Jesse Bazarnick26:25, Pat Barber 28:56, Rebecca Voigt 32:53 (14" jump), Laurie Galassi35:47. Post time to comments.

Compare to 040316.

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  1. great job Nicole….you look great!!!..looking forward to actually working out with the lunch crew tomorrow…..my kind of workout EXCEPT the jumping up and touching….I am challenged in that department….:)…..wish I had LONG legs…hoping for a BIG crowd at 11:30…Sammy…really hope u are there!!

  2. Awesome Job Nicole!!!
    Don’t forget this Thursday…Sign up NOW!!
    Thursday 8/26/10
    Alpharetta PAL 5k Run & Challenge 5k – 7:00pm
    You can register at Active.com follow the link

  3. Hey everyone,
    Today is the last day to register online for the 5k…also if you are planning on running let me know and we can figure out a place to meet before the race

  4. i signed up this am. my kids will be getting there purple belts in karate at 5 but I plan to be there by 6;30 to 6:45. see you then…Don’t forget to wear your CFNF stuff!!!

  5. enjoyed sweating with the boys today…great lunch class…..the vertical jumps followed by squats was tough…but glad to sweat…see everyone tomorrow..:)