Pistol visits Crossfit405 in Oklahoma City.

Hq rest day. Come see what’s on the board.


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  1. fun alt WOD today…11:20 RX. man i need coffee now…

  2. Looking forward to getting back into the gym after a few days off out in Denver for a wedding (although running up there was fun haha). Someone care to share what’s on the board today?
    Also, to anyone else who is doing the GG – Survival of the Fittest and got that antsy email from Andy this morning, I was thinking we could set up a time later this week/this weekend to do our heat WODs together if you haven’t already done them. It’s not technically due until the 14th, so maybe next week, if that’s easier…

  3. I am thinking about doing Survival of the Fittest…Open, of course! I’m scared!! Keep me posted with when you do the heat WODs.

  4. What is the WOD today? Not sure what shoes to wear.

  5. Nice smile Pistol….really it’s time for you to come home:)

  6. I am thinking about doing the Survival of the Fittest too…Anyone want to do the Heat WODS this week with me?

  7. I am booked Wed – Thurs (unless we do it early morning, which I’ll do) otherwise, Friday and on I am free!

  8. You guys register soon cause Ive heard they will cap registration. I’m going to do the heat wods next week when my hands heal I think Andy may do his today..

  9. thanks Campbell….my time 15:17 rx….:)

  10. 12:24 Rx. You’re welcome Kathy. What is this survival of the fittest challenge?

  11. you wouldn’t be interested…it’s for people who are actually fit

  12. Hit Crossfit generation today here in PA. Awesome morning workout, including stadium runs and tabata sprints. I’ll be there until Friday and am looking forward to OHS’s tomorrow.
    I’m sorry I am missing the challenge this weekend and the survival of the fittest challenge may be just a bit too soon.
    Looking forward to seeing you all next Monday.

  13. i need to do them today or next tuesday…with the strength bias we’re and with the 2 a day’s we’re doing for the games prep, the only day I’m rested enough is tuesday. I can do them today at 5 or next week on Tuesday..if that works for you, Nicole, Simon, bostic and JT we can make a WOD of it.
    BTW, Kim, I know we’re from the “dirty south”, but what’s up with the ghetto hard face in the picture?

  14. dude, I’ve seen your times and stuff on the board, you are more than ready for the “survival of the fittest”, hell I’m doing it, and I’m over 40, surely you can do it…

  15. Just signed up for sof….

  16. I’d say let’s plan on next Tuesday. I can make sure to be out of work on time to be there by 5:30 or so.
    Additionally, I agree with Bostic that you should register ASAP if you’re thinking about competing. Registration is $35 right now, but goes up to $50 on 8/7. Registration closes completely on 8/14 (except to fill incomplete heats).

  17. Ok, I’m in. The issue I have is I’m pretty good on the body weight stuff, I blow on the heavy stuff, especially DL’s. I need to start joining you guys on the heavy stuff.
    I’ll look into it and get ready.