TUESDAY 101012

Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Dave Lipson 300lbs, James Hobart 272lbs, Dave Leys 215lbs, Laurie Gallasi 155lbs, Miranda Oldroyd 150lbs, Heather Bergeron 150lbs. Post loads to comments.

Compare to 100412.


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  1. Do you guys know when we will be on the list for the BPH drop?
    I have been buying this meat at the farmers market and it is really good! We get ll of our beef, bacon and sausage and honey from Curtis at BPH. Good stuff!!!!

  2. Really enjoyed Snatch Balance this AM…235 for me. See yall tomorrow.

  3. SNatch Balance is a challenging skill transfer excercise.(And one I can not say with out giggling….Bostic is too I’m sure). I thought 8:30 did a great job. I did 121. I am sure I could do more if my darn legs would work right and quit being so sore!!!
    It’s really nice to have some familiar faces back at 8:30 🙂

  4. Pebbles I don’t “giggle”. But I am looking fwd to doing some max Snatch Balance with Big Ed!

  5. Week 8 is heavy!!!! I talked to bph and we should be up soon as a drop.

  6. ok….chuckling