Jt prepares for "The Ten" at CrossFit Dahlonega this weekend.


TUESDAY 101116

Hang power snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Dave Lipson 215lbs, James Hobart 163lbs, Austin Malleolo 163lbs,Lindsey Valenzuela 140lbs, Katie Hogan 137lbs, Kristan Clever 135lbs,Rebecca Voigt 117lbs, Michelle Kinney 115lbs. 
Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090617    


Max Rounds 15 min:

4 Snatch grip deadlifts (1/2 bodyweight)

3 Hang Power Snatch

2 Overhead Squats

1 Behind the neck jerk

Post loads/rounds to comments.


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  1. Way to go J.T. on deciding to compete! I actually have a little respect for you now, haha.

  2. thanks Ed, so how are your PR’s going these days? i haven’t seen you working on Snatch Balance lately

  3. Wow JT you are going to an event!!! I’m shocked! You feel okay, feverish?

  4. Actually I’ve had 2 PRs in 2 weeks on almost no sleep and training. Btw, my snatch drop is pretty bad. Personally, I think you are just jealous that I look like “Arnold” when I take my shirt off whereas you look like Justin Beiber, just sayin’.

  5. No way you look like Arnold, there’s too much of a size disparity there…i think a 10 year old boy is probably more realistic and is certainly closer to scale
    by the way, how do you know what Justin Beiber looks like with his shirt off? Just askin’

  6. Dude, don’t get mad at me just because you’re a walking ad campaign for men that look like they suffer from too much estrogen.

  7. Johnny you need to come and do the 10 with us!