TUESDAY 101228

Seven rounds for time of:
185 pound Front squat, 3 reps
7 L-pull-ups

Kevin Montoya 6:33, Chris Lofland 6:48, Candice Ruiz 8:55 (135lbs),Kristan Clever 9:33 (135lbs), Rebecca Voigt 11:51 (135lbs).
Post time to comments.

Compare to 100330.

Team Nutrition Challenge?  Who's in?


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  1. I’m all about a team challenge. I think I’m much more accountable to others than I am to myself.
    Great photo… you put your left leg in, you put left leg out…

  2. Totally agree GND on the accountability part BUT that photo is just weird!

  3. I’m in!!!

  4. Me too! When does it start?

  5. what is the challenge?

  6. here’s some nutrition inspiration from dwight shrute

  7. I’d like to be in on this. Much needed. Also can Breeze do a bit about coming back to CF from an injury? See the lunch time crew on Monday.

  8. Jackyln… I’m not sure Breeze is your best bet here. He’s still “coming back” to crossfit himself.

  9. I’m in for the nutrition challenge but I don’t know if anyone will want me on their team 🙁

  10. Fun wodding today. Good times with Sammy, Salley, Breeze, Pistol and G-dog. I finished last in the bunch but just glad to be able to WOD. My name was already on the board for the nutrition challenge when I walking in, Ha!

  11. nope!