Shoulder Press 

Work up to a heavy single – 15 Minute time limit.


10 Rounds


6 Pistols (3 Each)

9 KB Swings (70,53)

Post load/time to comments.


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  1. Stringer says

    215 SP and then did 3 rds of the HQ WOD…If anyone does 7 rds you may be crazy.

  2. after 3 weeks of NO WORKING OUT…can’t believe I finished this WOD….my time was 24 and some change RX…..I need work on my pistols with my balance and my quads will thank me later….loved the handstand push-ups….the KB swings slowed me down…Thanks Q for sharing the shoulder press station with me…..only 83 on that…..fun lunch crowd today…of course, I finished LAST!!! But did get the RX so I will take….GREAT SWEAT….see the usual suspects at lunch tomorrow…:)

  3. Only 85 on my press today. Shoulder still jacked up. Thanks Breeze for the tip, it helped a lot!