The 8:30am'ers thread the needle. 


6ft Broad Jump – Push Jerk (155/105) – Strict Hanging Leg Raises (Parallel)

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  1. Damn Jpo, you’re gettin fast!!!!!
    P.S. thank you Buzz for bringing the beer and cigars to the 6am class today! I thought you got your nickname for a different reason.

  2. hahaha! This WOD looks fun. I love push jerks.
    See ya tonight again. Got a busy am.

  3. Thanks!
    There is nothing like being motivated with beer and cigars!!
    Thanks Buzz:)

  4. We’re gonna have to change “JPo” to “JWoww!” cause she’s gettin’ so fast and so lean!!!
    And I “heart” my 6am-ers! Macanudos? Check. Bud Light? Check. The preacher actually poppin’ the top and drinkin’? Priceless.

  5. Wow….it really pays to get up at 5am in this gym!

  6. Attention Ladies! It’s time for the Fall CAbi Trunk show – mark your calendars for Sept 19th at 2pm. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, there will be plenty of wine and they are alot of fun. I went to the pre-show a few weeks ago and there are some really cute things. I’ll have more details closer to the date and will bring some catalogs to the gym when I get some, but just wanted to give you a heads up!

  7. Worked on a few things today before the weekend in amongst a large lunchtime crowd. Practiced the 15 squat cleans at 135lbs after working to a point of tiredness and did that in 1.23. Then did 3rds of 250m row, 5 muscle-ups and 10 OHS in 9.34.
    I’ll be in tomorrow to round my week out and then resting ahead of Saturday…at this point I am getting very keyed up in anticipation. I’m excited also, but nervous…haven’t felt like this since playing my first game as a young pro soccer player back in 1996.

  8. Fun WOD. 16 something.RX 105#.
    Enough with the jumping!ha!
    See ya tomorrow.

  9. Oh! and nice split Martine!!!

  10. 15:24 Rx