Tuesday – Happy Birthday Michael McKinney!

219428_586823389241_18001333_32768033_5364560_o JT & Jenny Schroeder strike a viking pose!


Jerks (135/95)

Burpee Box Jumps

Pull Ups

Post time to comments.




Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  ~Winston Churchill

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  1. I meant to post this yesterday:
    That was a good workout to come back to. Great lunch crowd, Q’s throwing weight around. Scott finished the workout very quickly – and did good on his front squats.
    Felt like old times with Kimi in the gym.
    Kevin rocked that workout RX!!!
    Jpow you make dead lifts look good.
    HAGS!!! Way to power through and finish hard. Today you were a bull, strong and determined. I may have beat your time but the way you battled through and finished hard makes me want to be better and get in a handstand push up.
    Hags the icing on the cake: You had on pretty workout clothes!! LOL.

  2. Jacklyn….u worked hard too…was a hard workout for a monday…still hurting….Thanks for the sweet words….Breeze said to me after I got done with that workout…”That took you forever…” NO SHIT….haha Anyway…after running next to Gdog last week and yesterday’s WOD…going to be a long week….headed to gym now…:)

  3. Love the picture 🙂

  4. rabbit 1 – turtle 0

  5. Good workout with Stringer and Breeze at lunch today, although I’ve re-tweaked my back so not sure how the rest of the week will go now. Hopefully this will be a short term thing and I can get back to lifting in time. Need to really focus on what and when I am squatting as part of a WOD and what I am doing in and around that form a lifting perspective.

  6. Ummm……i think the turtle scored one last week.

  7. Fun lunch crew…jacklyn…making great progress…did rx weight on jerks…and red box burpees/jumps….and moved to the band for pull-ups…and learned the kipping motion…very proud..:) The boys worked hard today…spider and ed…great job!!! After class…Ben, Stringer, and Breeze worked really hard especially with Jacklyn and I screaming at them the whole time….Ben did kill it…was happy for rx today for myself…29 and some change rx….back is a little sore from God knows WHAT day but felt better after working out…day two done…on to wednesday….see the usual suspects at lunch…thanks jacklyn for keeping me in check…and Pistol….the warmup was awesome today!!

  8. Ben, Meatball and Stringer….will you be out on any of the listed League dates
    June 4,11,18 or 25? and possibly (hopefully the first 2 Saturdays in July?)
    Just trying to get together a schedule.