DSC_0284 Murph gets her first Weightlifting meet medal.  She took home Silver!

AMRAP 20 Minutes

5 Split Jerks (155/110)

10 Toe to Bar

15 Double Unders

Post rounds to comments.

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  1. So Stringer and I were wondering if anyone wanted to do a dinner this month? Wives/Husbands/significant others, etc? We were thinking that since many of us are on all sorts of different kind of diets we should do someplace that serves lots and lots of meat like Fago or something…anyone interested??

  2. Hate to be this way after the Event, but how could we have finished 17th in the Tug’O’War event when we won the 13th Vs 14th match-up? That cost us three places in the standings by my reckoning. They also have our time wrong for the last event, but it doesn’t make a difference to our placing.
    I reckon we finished 16th overall in the end. Not bad.
    See you all at lunch.

  3. I agree with you Ben. When we won the last tug of war I was specifically told we got 13th. So that is wrong. I did the math and I also have us at 16th place. Not like this matters but if this was corrected it would put us ahead of TJ’s team and that is very important! lol

  4. My thinking exactly. It’s bragging rights for Alex at school if nothing else. LOL!

  5. It has been my experience (ask Pistol) at CrossFit events…that they can NOT ADD!!!!!!!!!

  6. The Garage Games seemed to be a little “organizationally challenged”, I know the time listed for my wife’s team, for the first event was flat wrong, different judges were saying different things about the rules, events changed after the first heat was finished etc. It was still looked like a lot of fun, but there are some kinks they need to work out.

  7. Ramesh was looking pretty good on his DUs tonight!
    Campbell smoked it and Sophia Got the only Rx for the ladies today.

  8. I am just glad we all enjoyed a nice fun weekend of competition and didn’t get too wrapped up in points. In all honesty, I was wondering how our team finished ahead of you guys. Must have been the $20 I gave the judge right before the last event.