TUESDAY 110503

In honor of "Jeremy"

Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Overhead squats

Keegan Martin 3:53 (age 17), Duncan Martin 7:05 (45lbs, age 12), Jack Marks 7:23 (45lbs, age 12).
Post time to comments.


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  1. zombie carry!

  2. Brad, Kim, This is Ben.
    I am going to be late for the 11.30am class today, but had planned to come in a lift and then do a WOD. I likely won’t be in until 12 or so and assuming you are going to be there will be in until around 2pm. Does that work with your schedules?

  3. that was a lung burner. good job 8A

  4. Will be here until 1:30

  5. Pebbles, whoa is all I have to say. When you come back you come back hard!!
    Shout out to the lunch time crew (Brandon, Meatball, Mr. Shubert, Ms. Alice ) for a great workout.
    HAGS and Brad thanks for the push to get better and for the help in finishing hard.

  6. Don’t forget G-dog……Glad to have a quick workout today after yesterday’s BEAST of a WOD for me….took 15 seconds off my time today…8:33rx…..Jacklyn …GREAT job on the RX today…10:37rx for her ….after looking at all the times …I am amazed at the level of athletes in our BOX. Also…Mary Ann( PISTOL’S 70 year old client) has really worked hard …her pull-ups are on the purple band….:) She is amazing. I love CFNF…even Brad!!! See everyone at lunch tomorrow…

  7. Oh yeah, how could I forget him?? Sorry G-Dog, latent pregnancy brain.