DSC_0107 I'm pretty sure they were still happy at this point.  Shandy just wanted to hurry and get breakfast.

TUESDAY 100330

Seven rounds for time of:
185 pound Front squat, 3 reps
7 L-pull-ups

Post time to comments. 

******Next week Brad and Kim and several of the members and staff will be out of town.   Meatball, Ed and Katie will be instructing all classes at their normally scheduled times.  Please be nice to them.

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  1. You don’t have to be nice to Meatball

  2. Soooo fun working out with Hugh and his ‘tribe’ (his words) this morning!:)

  3. Take out Mr. King and that could be a picture of the all time slowest group ever at CFNF.
    Simon can you fill us in on that stance…… what was the goal there???

  4. youch!

  5. It would have been the “all time slowest group” if you were in the picture!

  6. gdog you train slow in the gym you are slow in life

  7. Calm down there Mr. career planter fasciitis
    Anytime you are up for a race…I am game.

  8. Im here right now! I’ll beat you like you stole somthin!…..and its “plantar”….dumbass!

  9. It is all strategy….

  10. I even googled it so I would spell it right and still screwed it up.

  11. It can only be considered the slowest group ever if I’m included.

  12. hey, I’m in that pic.

  13. awesome weather for the lunch time workout…6:56 RX, felt great and fun WOD.

  14. If this race goes down, somebody better notify USGS so they don’t think there’s an earthquake in Roswell.

  15. andyreckles@aol.com says

    It would be like the race in Seinfeld. I’d pay to witness it.