TUESDAY 110426

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Jake Cutting 500-505-510-515-525-530-540lbs.
Connor Martin 365-385-400-410-420-430-435lbs.
Matt Ross (age 14) 135-185-225-235-255-290-320lbs.
Post loads to comments.


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  1. Good deads Caswell. You hit your goal!

  2. Please everyone visit CFNF facebook page and check out the link posted by my sister n law. My nephew, Brady, needs all the votes he can get for a lego building contest. Thank you!

  3. The alt wod was tragic. That’s the only word that adequately describes it.

  4. I made a YUMMY salad on Easter. I posted it on my site (click on left Giving Up Grains). It was one of my most favorite salads I have tasted.
    great DL Hagler. I tried 300 but stayed with 285 today. Not a PR but at the top of my lifts. 300 for sure next time 🙂
    see ya in the am!

  5. agreed, what a beast of a wod that was