DSC_0092 Kudos to Gdog for taking one for the team and securing our victory!

TUESDAY 110614


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

Compare to 110105.


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  1. HAGS!!! You called for it and here’s your FRAN.
    Can’t wait to see you smoke this workout.

  2. First of all…congrats to all who represented CFNF…congrats…you guys make me proud everyday and I am always “in awe.”….thanks for inspiring me…:) Second…I JUST said I wanted something like FRAN Tuesday after Monday’s workout….HUGE thank you to Jacklyn…you always help ME more than you know…and make me want to work harder…grateful for a short workout tomorrow….can’t wait…see everyone at lunch!

  3. Last night was TOUGH. CFNF was badass with the overhead lifts! really good work by everyone.

  4. Stringer says

    awesome job last night…felt great to compete again!

  5. bsawkins says

    Absolutely delighted with the team last night. The lifting was a clinic and had our opponents in awe and the team really gutted out what looked to be a pretty horrific workout to win by two clear rounds. Great job to Breeze, Stringer, G and Stacy for their efforts. I was proud of you all and of course proud to be part of CFNF! We really are brilliant.

  6. A special shout out to Ben, Pebbles, Pistol and anyone else who was there for keeping me going when I was ready to throw in the towel. Don’t think I have ever felt so bad doing a WOD. I even think I heard threats of bodily harm if I did stop from either Pebbles or Pistol.

  7. I was really trying to take a picture of the blonde by the wall. Sorry to everyone for screwing up and having gdog in the picture.

  8. Great job to Ben on getting a sub-3 time on Fran!

  9. sweet!

  10. shout out to Nicole…6:35 rx…..fantastic…Jacklyn was only five seconds behind me…..Everyone worked hard…great class….see everyone wednesday..:)

  11. my time was 9:44 rx…after watching Nicole KILL it and BEN and ED …..I want a do-over….bUT Ben told me today…”You can BEAT yourself or BEAT yourself up…..” It’s self-improvement that counts….Great advice…AND also….Jacklyn…lost a pound…:)

  12. bsawkins says

    Yeah, shes cute…when do we go against Garage again? Shave and a hair wash before the next one. LOL!

  13. bsawkins says

    Thanks Dude! It made it easier to have you going with me and of course Breeze telling me to not put the bar down and keep moving. Well pleased 2.52Rx. Once I get my front squat numbers up a bit more, it’ll be under 2.30. Made a mess of a few of the 21 thrusters and the 9’s and only just got the last two pull-ups as forearms were about to drop off. Took a rest, finished my snatches and Power Cleans before doing another WOD with Pistol
    10PC x185lbs
    50 Burpees
    1 mile run
    12.59Rx (Missed the first PC) and was gassed from Fran. Pistol did great and even completed the run with a 21lb vest on. Killer. Got to love the three hour lunches. LOL!

  14. LOL. I agree with Ben. I’m glad you posted first because I had Nicole’s time wrong.
    Whoa Nicole rocked it and she did her dips unassisted in the warmup!!!
    Second shout out to the lunchtime crew!!! Everyone did great today. Sammy!!!
    Hags let’s do over in 2 weeks? I’ll practice my pull ups and try not to break the 21 reps thrusters.
    Where’s Q? is she out of town?
    I did lose a pound. 8 to go by July 8th.

  15. You’re not right.
    Helluva time on Fran! Wish I could have been there to watch!

  16. Cmon guys, you know u were just trying to steal a pic of Breeze’s state record collector’s edition!

  17. Thanks for the props jacqueee – not my best today….think I was a lil intimidated by the beast next to me – Nicole! I better redouble my effort cuz she kicked my ass!
    U are doing awesome in moving toward Ur goal! Ur an awesome motivation to all in the gym!

  18. Go Jacklyn go!!!