Tuesday WOD

_DSC0002Welcome to CrossFit North Fulton, Allan!

HQ Rest Day.  Alt WOD:

AMRAP 20 Minutes

5 Power Cleans (115, 75)
10 Pistols (5 each leg)
15 Double Unders

or 5 Rounds of:

3 Muscle Ups
5 Squat Cleans (155, 105)
7 Burpees

Post time/rounds to comments.  Congrats to Meatball (Stacy) for getting her muscle up yesterday!  

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  1. Stacy..way to go. You must have gotten it after I left. Wish I would have seen it. Did anyone get pictures or video? Congratulations.

  2. Thanks! I appreciate everyone cheering me on for the last couple months! Ok so now its Katie’s turn!!

  3. This WOD looks fun!!!

  4. Great job Stacy…had fun working out with the lunch crowd..always a pleasure…shout out to Tom who ran outside in the heat while Andy, Spider, Holly, and myself worked out inside..(.I think we had the easier workout…) It was hot today…Tom also has thinned out and has been working so hard…love this crossfit!!! Thanks Breeze for the push up help…form felt much better..(sorry about the magnet)…My proposal is an in-house challenge on a saturday…the 6 am crowd verses lunch crew verses evening crew….in heats like a challenge..or participation chart for most attendance till Labor Day..anyone game??? Sorry for the long text

  5. and lets not forget sunday crew…:)…
    Seems like classes are getting full and that is exciting but excited to see what group class is more consistent…just a thought…can’t sleep..hoping to see everyone tomorrow at 11:30..Scruffy, that means you too..

  6. Congratulations, Stacy!!

  7. I like your idea Hagler. We’re due for an in house challenge. Today’s WOD’s look realy fun. See you at 11:30

  8. Okay I need to commit to coming in today or I’m afraid I’ll just go home after work and drink beer (again). So I’m posting this so I don’t back out 🙂 Can’t wait to see everyone again!

  9. overslept…ugggh

  10. Hagler I miss you!! Call me sometime!!!

  11. GND, I was looking at myself, as I often do, and during my muscle ups I DO pull my legs forward first before I swing back!
    Kudos to DD who tore that shit up today! Your muscle ups look awesome! You and Andy both have tremendously improved your form and efficiency. Well done.

  12. Hi Everyone!!
    I have decided I would like to start a networking group with my crossfit friends. I figured we can meet at lunchtime if that works maybe once a month and swap some leads…anyone in?
    I work for Comcast Spotlight and I can help people take their business and shove it in front on millions of people for less more than they think!
    How do you help people?
    Join today!

  13. Will there be martinis? If so, then I’m in!:)

  14. Hey! Way to go Meatbal!!!!
    Looks like a fun couple WODs.Took today as a rest day.
    My other niece form VA is here. Been at the pool all day agin with kids. Someone’s gotta do it!
    See ya tomorrow.
    PS. DD your muscle ups do look really good.

  15. Great idea Jpo. Garrett would be good to do this.

  16. Great job today 5:30 crew. Steph- good job at doing all the DU and Stacy great handstand push up! Hopefully I will be able to stop by thursday or Friday

  17. Great to see everyone tonight! I love the energy in the gym! Sniper, get lots of painkillers!

  18. Good idea JPO!

  19. yea i’d be in too