Thursday – Yoga at 9:30 No Open Gym During This Time



Love this!


Yoga class is today at 9:30 to 10:30.  This schedule is for today only.  No open gym during this time. 

10 min constant movement at 80% effort:

5 Pull Ups – 5 Dips – 10 Lunges – 25 Double Unders

Rest 5 min active


10 min constant movement @80% effort:

10 Push Press (40,25) – 10 Box Jumps (step down) – Building Run

Rest 5 min active


10 min constant movement @80% effort:

3 Squat Clean Thrusters 115/75

7 Sit Ups

15 cal row/or bike


Cookout this Saturday!!!!  


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  1. bsawkins says

    That’s my Partner, she is awesome! Go Jacklyn. McKinneys are in for a tough run this round. LOL!
    See you all at lunch, I may be a little late for 11.30, but I’m lifting anyway.

  2. Ben when are you doing the bracketology wod. I am going to try for Friday. Went in and stretched and used the stick and I feel much better so I should be ready to go in the morning.
    If you want to wait til Saturday just let me know.
    Lunch crowd was working hard today!! Great job all.
    The sign for this bracketology wod will say:
    ” Don’t but that bell down, UP, DOWN. Keep going it’ll be over soon. Go Jacklyn!!”

  3. bsawkins says

    Hi Jacklyn, I plan on going in this evening, my job has really kicked back on me this week so far, I haven’t been in since Tuesday. I plan on being in tomorrow also for 8/9am. I haven’t decided which yet, but if you let me know your preference, we can meet and do the Bracketology WOD together.

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