Thursday WOD


If today isn’t your rest day make up a missed workout or try this:


135lb Hang Squat Clean
Ring Dips

Post time to comments.

ATTENTION: Please check our schedule for future classes.  Starting September 7th CrossFit North Fulton will offer a Sunday class for members at 9:00am and an "Open House" class for new students.

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  1. Well alright! I get to try my new DoWin weightlifiting shoes.
    PS. WHat are the reps and rounds on this?

  2. Can’t make it tonight, so I went and ran stadiums this morning with the guy I used to work out with. I did WAY better today then I did when he and I used to go before I started Crossfit (and that’s after not working out for a week and a half). Woohoo!
    Amil said he wants to come try CF, but wants to ‘get in shape’ for a few weeks first. I will drag him in soon!
    With the exception of the burpees, I actually enjoyed last night’s workout. 🙂
    Kamilah – missed you last night and I’m so sorry about Leonard’s wallet!

  3. Hey. The 8:30 crew did a great job. Fred, your squat cleans were really good and your ring dips were sweet. I couldn’t see Trego and Marc on the cleans but I am sure they were great. You guys always do a great job. Good times on everyone. Can anyone say sore quads????
    See ya tomorrow.

  4. I guess there is not any doubt that I get my head over the bar, cool picture!
    Fun workout today, Michael it was nice to finally meet you today, even though you are a dawg…go GATORS!!!
    Can’t wait for college football to start!!!

  5. Great job to everyone at the 6pm workout. I had a blast doing my own modified workout. However, deep down inside, I wanted to do some squat cleans and ring dips.
    At the very least, my Fight Gone Bad score for box jumps and wall ball should improve.
    Austin, thanks for the critique of my overhead squat. In due time, my form will improve.
    Have a great evening.