Thursday WOD


Oh Snap!  it’s Fran!  Sacrifice your time for good form.  Make sure your chest touches the bar every time.  If it doesn’t don’t count the rep.


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

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  1. Looking good Peggalicious.

  2. Fran was tough this morning. I managed to do it rx for the first time but my time was appalling… 16.10 🙁 Oh well… something to improve on big time!

  3. Finally beat Hicky at something! (but not the Pistol) 1st Fran Rx for me (11:23)…95# thrusters plus chest pull-ups are definitely WAY harder. Good to see you Gdog. Breeze – Stella is the best cure for BP issues…

  4. Hey… Peggy might have a nickname.

  5. Wow, what a difference! 68# thrusters for me today and pull ups touching my chest. I did about 10 extra today! I kept losing my kip. I feel like I am just learning how to pull up again! 9:17 for me. Thanks for encouraging me Spider!

  6. Missed you guys today – schedule was hectic and very full… but I did run a 5k this morning (mapped it out in my neighborhood) to try and make up for it.
    Kim, looks like I’m not going to pass out after all! See you Friday.

  7. Hey its austin
    Just got done not too long ago doing a time trial at One World. I thought it was a pretty good idea to pass along.
    It is a 500m Row, 400m Run, 100 Pull ups, 100 Push Ups and 100 Sit Ups all for time.
    You can do them in any order and you can take as much break inbetween them. It is a really cool thing to judge your performance overtime.
    Anyway hope everyone has a good weekend.