Thursday WOD


30 Wall Ball/30 Push Ups

200 m sprint

30 Pull Ups/30 KB Swings

200 m sprint

30 Box Jumps/Squats

200 m sprint

30 DL/30 MB Clean

200 m sprint

30 HSPU/30 Ring Dips

200 m sprint

30 Lunges/30 Double Unders

200 m sprint

Post time to comments.

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  1. Anyone feel like working out with me at 11?

  2. I’m out…but if I can muster up enough energy, I’ll be up there later this afternoon. Losing voice now…Bill is THRILLED!!

  3. Tagged along with my husband today. Had a great time with this work out. Feeling so much better again. Was even descibed as “spunky” by my husband and Brad.

  4. Bill is not the only one thrilled ur losing your voice…;-)

  5. be quiet fishstick!!

  6. Worked out by myself 🙁