Thursday WOD


Cheri and Val love Air Squats!!!!

Run 400 m

40 kettlebell swings

40 burpees

Run 400 m

30 kettlebell swings

30 burpees

Run 400 m

20 kettlebell swings

20 burpees

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  1. My hubby said it looks like I just laid an egg!
    hehehe…see you later!

  2. 22:25, eat that you Butches!!

  3. My my….very impressive and I guess that beats my 40 minutes or whatever it was. May I say again just how much I truly despise those hideous burpees!!! They had better make something look fabulous quickly!!! Keep it rockin while I’m gone!!
    btw…how’d Brad do????

  4. Dang near killt me….Running a fever now!
    btw…Brad hasn’t done it yet!!!

  5. My legs are KILLING me!!!!!

  6. They’ll grow back!!!

  7. I’m a day or two behind….I did 50 air squats and 100 jump ropes….my time was 15:36 which was second place, right behind my beautiful wife