Thursday WOD



Pull Ups

Box Jumps


Post time to comments.

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  1. Monkey bars how exciting!!!! Fun Fun Fun

  2. out today…not because of snow or lack thereof, business stuff. Might show up later today???? Can I come and do on my own?

  3. Robin Salley says

    No wonder I was having such a hard time with my pull ups. Look at the way my hands were gripped! 🙂

  4. gigi…will be at gym after 3:30…come on in!

  5. Ryan (age 2) and I stopped by CFNF today to see the Monkey Bars!!!! They are awesome. Kim was kipping away being the Crossfit Godess that she is. Brad ran an unexpected 5K.It is such an awesome place! Great Job you two. Be in tomorrow 7am to work on kicking your asses!No Ryan this time.

  6. Great job today everyone! Bernie, you whupped those young guys….Jeremy, you are proof that our country would be better served if all our military were crossfitting!