Thursday WOD


Where’s Bret?

Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
50 Squats

Post time to comments.

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  1. Is there an early Thursday class?

  2. Awesome form in that picture!

  3. Hey Kim – I tried emailing this to you but it keeps getting rejected for SPAM! I realize I’m posting today, but if you could remind your students next week, that would be great. Hope to see you! ~Jill
    BTB CrossFit will be hosting the next Atlanta Area CrossFit Challenge on Saturday, March 1st at 10am. All Atlanta Area Affiliates are invited. It will be a mixed teams Hopper style workout, and we will run all teams at once (we may need two heats if there are a lot of teams). The number of people per team will be determined by the total number of participants that show on Saturday. Please notify your other Trainers and students – we expect to have a large crowd! (Blake & Andrea – we know you’re both a ways out of town but thought we’d invite your locations anyway since we just all saw you the other weekend at the cert!)
    As for equipment, we would love to have additional barbells and 10# plates on hand. If you can bring a few extra pieces of equipment – it would be greatly appreciated.
    BTB CrossFit is located at 696-A Cleburne Terrace (30306) near the intersection of Ponce de Leon & Highland Ave. We are in the same complex as the Majestic Diner, H&R Block, Righteous Room, the new Urban Outfitters (formerly Storehouse) and the movie theater that always plays Rocky Horror Picture Show. (I know you’ve all been over here, but you can give that info to your students & other trainers.)
    We look forward to hosting everyone! Please contact me at with any questions.

  4. Sounds like fun!!! Let’s do it!

  5. Sorry I’m missing this workout!!! This one is right up my alley! Raining like hell here in Destin. See ya’ll Wednesday!

  6. GiGi, does that mean you closed? Does this mean we have a vacation location?

  7. Hey. Sounds fun…I’ll run the sprints!

  8. Love the idea, Kim I will do the Pistols and Lsit and L pull ups!
    Brad you can do double unders and Kim….you can stay home and do your nails.

  9. Vacation spot secured….cleaned and good to go!
    Had our first glass, I mean bottle, I mean bottles of wine in it tonight!!
    No running today…except thru the rain!
    p.s. I had pizza tonight…yummmmmm yummmm!