Thursday WOD


Run 10 K

Post time to comments.

An alternate WOD will be posted in the gym.

Notice:  This Saturday Pool Party at Peggys.  Check info at right.

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  1. good job everyone today- need to work on my man makers…maybe that’s because I’m a woman–no no Robin and Hicky proved that that is no excuse!

  2. That picture looks great….Nice smile!! Way to represent CFNF Spider!! Hagler

  3. Awesome workout today, we did the wall ball/ man maker wod. Big Ed smoked us all. Nice pic Spider! Pebbles, think I’m gonna skip the total this time. my back is still in traction from that deadlift wod you smoked me on!

  4. Changing the weight on those wall balls to say 12 when they were really 21 was just cruel after Angie!

  5. Great picture Spider! Is that how you got your nickname?
    Great 6pm crew – enjoyed suffering with you guys. My body wants a break tomorrow, so I’ll see you guys Sat. AM before we go relax at the pool!
    Kim – once again I forgot to look at my time – if it’s still on the board in the morning, would you please let me know what it was?

  6. that was hard and fun, I love the workouts that you almost feel stoned after.
    see you in the am