Thursday – Survival of the Fittest this Saturday at CrossFit Garage. CFNF will be closed.

This really happened….I'm traumatized. 

HQ Rest Day.  Alt WOD:  Trainer's choice.

Join us Saturday at CrossFit Garage in Woodstock to cheer on our athletes, Bostic, TJ, Ben, Stringer, Nicole, Simone, and Andy!  

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  1. wow…this picture is strong. 6 AM crew is bad ace!
    BTW – I have Bostic’s new nickname…Tebow. I have never seen anyone work harder or prepare for a competition more than Bostic. I can hear it now…
    “To the fans, the Gator Nation, I’m sorry. Extremely sorry. But I promise you one thing: a lot of good will come from this. You will never see a player, in the entire country, play as hard as I will play the rest of the season. You will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of this season. And you will never see a team play harder than we will play the rest of the season. God bless.”

  2. Soooo they still need 8 Advanced Women (nudge, nudge, Kim, I DEFINITELY recall you saying something about competing if I was going to when we were all doing jello shots at Xena’s party!!), and there are 2 openings for Open Men’s and Open Women’s divisions. Any takers? Come compete with us, it’ll be fun, I promise (once you’re done with the WODs haha).
    P.S. I love that pic…talk about a great way to finish up a 6 AM workout.

  3. sweat…bleed…drink…smoke… repeat. love the pic.
    hahaha stringer. does that mean that bostic will cry if he doesn’t win?

  4. words to live by GND!
    great pic. probably one for the HQ blog!

  5. No crying from me! I was really just training hard to beat JT but then he didn’t sign up.. Or even get in shape haha!

  6. Train hard not to suck at life right? I hope your all prepared to kick some a$$ Saturday. All you guys have been working hard and I know you’ll do well. Best of luck. Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear about it.

  7. Hey Andy – I have the 2nd weight vest…are you still interested in it? We can split the weights if you want…25lb a piece.

  8. Andy was killing muscle up’s in the weight vest yesterday.

  9. I cannot be held responsible for drunken pep talks.

  10. Good Luck Bostic, TJ, Ben, Stringer, Nicole, Simone, and Andy! Can’t wait to see pictures…way to represent!
    I love that picture…and I love my 6a crew:)
    Have a great weekend off to the beach!!!
    Be nice to Baxter if you see him around. I’m sure he is going to miss me:)

  11. yeah i’m still interested. I’ll take it. Bostic, i think killing it is far from what I was doing…I think more like it was killing me..

  12. cool…i will stop by your office with it tomorrow when i get my back adjusted.