Thursday – Rest Day


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  1. How sweet it is!!!
    Watch out shops, here I come!!

  2. Just a quick Thank You to Kim and Brad for the pain in my ASS and the ability NOT to move my quads today. Awesome.

  3. Note to self. Working out 13 hours apart is not a smart move. Those hang clean/push press/back squat for 21/15/9 are a real treat after yesterdays workout from hell.

  4. Never been in such a LOVE/HATE relationship. See you tomorrow Brad!

  5. Gsrrett, you beat me on today’s workout. I struggled… I think I scared my workout partner…

  6. I sure did enjoy helping you through those last few reps today G-dog…that’s what we trainers do.
    p.s. my wife didn’t mention she used the same weight as you did today, even though you out weigh her by more than 100 lbs!

  7. I meant Garrett!!!
    Thanks to my hubby for the nice comment about me 🙂

  8. Kim you might have struggled but wow you did have a lot of weight I felt like a loser with my little bar…and I was not scared just inspired!