Thursday – Rest Day


Cheese & Rice!!!!

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  1. Jenny…is that a practice swoon for the ups guy???
    Not sure if 11 is makeable for me or not…..guess we’ll see 🙂

  2. Why Kim….must you put pictures like that up of me??????? it was 7a…and gigi practice makes perfect. What are we going to do when we move buildings????? Will he be crossfit Northfulton UPS Man? Work on that girls.

  3. It’s still dark at 7am??? who knew???

  4. Kim the Pistol says

    b/c you look so cute, Jenny! Missed you today, GiGi.

  5. Gigi feel bad….breathing is an exercise!! I’ll let you know about tomorrow!

  6. All I have to say is those deadlifts were heavy!!!!! Ouch!