Thursday – Rest Day


Austin is going to California this weekend to get his Level 1 certification.  Good luck Austin, see you when you get back!

If today isn’t your rest day, make up a missed workout or come see what’s on the board.

NOTICE: CrossFit Augusta is having their Open House on Saturday, June 28th. If you are in the area go check them out!

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  1. **gigi** CFNF Elder & Burpee hater says

    Good luck Austin!
    p.s. may be a little late today….shocker, I know. I have an appt that may run a little longer than I anticipate.

  2. Awesome picture! Austin – we know you’ll do great!
    Pebbles & Gdog – I’ll be thinking about you guys this weekend – be safe traveling.

  3. jenny.... Jpo says

    I Know everyone was concerned but Boots now lives in the Vickey up in Cumming with his auntie he is happy in his new home!

  4. Dang…I look good 🙂
    I locked my keys in a timed release safe so I wouldn’t work out today!
    j.k. im not that bad, well, yeah I guess I actually am.
    thanks for the love

  5. Gigi...Burpee hater..all forms and variations says

    Thanks for your help today Sweatman!
    See you tomorrow…I have a lunch appt so, it may be later.
    glad you are home Postal..I mean Pistol!
    J-po and the rest of you all leaving this weekend…safe travels and Happy 4th!

  6. jenny.... Jpo says

    Just kidding Boots is moving back in with me I guess he just missed his moma

  7. Great Job 6PM crew. I think we all really pushed each other.
    Leonard I am glad you came. Not bad at all for a first timer. Hope to see you a lot more.
    Have a great weekend everyone.
    Best of luck Austin. Remember there will be some studs out there so keep your head up……yes there will be people better than you.
    Come back with some good info to share with us.