Thursday – 11:00am class moved to 12:30pm

Check out Sean Dodrill showing us his muscle up!  Awesome!


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. 11:00 class today has been moved to 12:30

  2. **gigi** Getting leaner by the minute!! says

    I’m in….yeah, more running!
    Back to enjoying my awesome plain oatmeal! Mmmmmm….my taste buds are just dancing with pleasure. Actually they are running…AWAY!

  3. Sammy and I worked out at CrossFit San Diego this morning – great people (but, of course, it’s no CFNF). There was actually a guy from BTB (Dan) working out with us that we recognized from the CF Challenge!
    I did Michael – 860m run and back extensions using GHD machine …whoa…mucho harder. 22:11
    Sammy did 30-20-10 of 95 lb. thrusters and burpees. He hates running – I hate burpees. 16:30something.
    We’re looking forward to getting back and seeing everybody! One.

  4. ***gigi*** burpee hater for life! says can only blame yourself when the Trego’s get the GHD machine. They were already crafting a way to do a Burpee version with it!
    thanks for working out with me today voodoo…we’ll have to work on that counting thing…
    Off to heat up my soybeans….

  5. Just got done eatn mashed taters and now drinkn a stella!!! Enjoy your broccoli ladies!

  6. Enjoy your Stella Brad,as I turn into a lean mean Crossfit machine and kick your Stella A$$.

  7. **gigi** Getting leaner & meaner by the minute!! says

    again, you’re numero uno!!