Thursday – No Class this Sunday


3 Rounds:

400 m run
10 GHD Sit Ups
10 Burpees
50 Double Unders

Post time to comments. HalloweenInvite

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  1. Awesome energy in here this morning!!!!

  2. Nice big 8:30 class. You guys did great!
    I did not feel very good this am and this WOD kicked my A$$. 21:03 RX. I think my face is still red. I can’t BREATHE!
    Thanks for your help Caswell with my dog Max. This new medicine could make him like a new dog.I hope so 🙁
    Looking forward to the Halloween Party this week-end.
    See you guys tomorrow. I KNOW your gonna be eating that CANDY so get your butts in here this week-end.

  3. Would have beat Sally but he is part gazelle…. so that is not fair
    Really glad I was able to beat Bostic on the WOD.

  4. BOO!!! Can’t wait for Halloween:)
    Feel free to post if you think you are coming to the party so I have some idea of how many to expect:)

  5. Congrats Gdog!

  6. Martine and I are coming… Can we bring anything?