Thursday June 2,2011

Nice Power Cleans yesterday CFNF!


AMRAP 15 Minutes

1 power clean

3 push press 95/65

6 burpees

9 box jumps,  24" box


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  1. bsawkins says

    Any news on who our week 1 opponents are in the Affiliate league?

  2. Sooo it’s June 2nd and I’m pretty sure it’s just going to get even hotter outside… Sooo who up for tubing in Helen?
    Let me know what works and if you in!!

  3. We are in!! Sounds fun! Lets make this a big thing 🙂

  4. kim will be the one to know. she is home tomorrow night.

  5. we are in VA Beach doing the Great Urban Race 🙂

  6. Great sweat all the way around…the warm-up too…Jacklyn and I were in the second heat..Jacklyn originally had a goal of 3 which I said absolutely not 5 is your number…and she did 6 + 6….GREAT job…first heat did great too…lots of rounds…:) I had a goal….was between 9 and 10 rounds….my time was 9 rounds + 6 rx…4 burpees away from you Nicole!! That was fun…always happy about a 15 minute workout and the transition was smooth except for box jumps for me….slowed me down…:( looking forward to friday…

  7. LOL. Thanks for pushing me HAGS. You did great. The first heat did a good job. Brandon, Q, Caswell, Nicole, Brit all went hard today.
    Stacy 165 on the cleans!!! Strong like bull you are.
    One more to go.