Thursday February 9 2012


Nice pull ups Bill.

For time:
Push Ups
Double Unders
Pull Ups
Row a 500M Sprint for time.
WOD courtesy of OPT Big Dawgs.
Remeber to register for the CrossFit Open. Fabulous prizes awarded to the affiliate with the most registered memebers. The Open begins February 22. WODs will be announce every Tuesday night at midnight. This will be our WOD for Wednesday so you might as well register and be part of the fun. Cost is 20.00.


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  1. Took a few days off this week to get the old back better…looking forward to a lunch time wod tomorrow. Looks fun!

  2. HAGS, I am not going to be able to make it at 11, how is later in the afternoon?

  3. all good jacklyn….did this one in 16;55rx…kinda fun …get your ass in there and do this one!

  4. just want to give a big shoutout to Murph and Q…..and Ross for that matter….doing box jumps (24″ with 6 plates on top)….I was scared to even attempt ONE…great lunch crew today..long hard week of workouts…..great to see Otis at the gym…and Bailey..and Bella too…missed you jacklyn….be there tomorrow…:)

    • Starting at zero… I’ve been a longtime luekrr, and now a first time poster who thought that I’d begin periodically sharing my training experiences here as I do not fit the mold of a typical crossfitter or CFE enthusiast. Literally I don’t fit; I’m 6’4” and 305lbs currently, the heaviest I’ve ever been (the leanest was very fit and strong 240lbs). Perhaps there’re others out there, like me, that don’t fit the ideal crossfit or endurance athlete physique. I bought in to the crossfit training paradigm on my very first workout in September 2007 and CFE is the best program for combat arms MOS’s.In July I completed a rough 12 month deployment as an Army infantry team leader carrying between 65 and 130lbs on my back daily during missions throughout Afghanistan in Kandahar, mountainous Sha Wali Kot, the jungle-like orchards of “The Devils Playground” in the Arghandab, and the alluvial plain and tunnels of Maiwand. This took its toll, creating a moderately to severely degenerated spine with eroded and bulging disks, bone spurs on various vertebrae and my knees and heels, and multiple torn ligaments in my ankles. These injuries and an over indulgence of all the glorious food and drink to be had after returning to the States, legs and arms intact, had my weight balloon from 265 to 305. After several months of physical therapy I’m ready to begin running, rowing, swimming and crossfitting again! It will be a long difficult road back to a high-performing and healthy physique, but one I’m ready for. I really am starting at the bottom; my first run since March 2010 (when I tore some ankle ligaments) occurred Dec 1st. I was able to make it 500 meters barefoot before my ankles could take no more. My lower legs are healed, but very weak from the injuries. I decided to try running barefoot because during physical therapy I discovered running backwards with a toe strike, instead of the traditional heal strike, didn’t hurt my back or knees. Running with a heal strike and long gait on cushioned soles hasn’t done much good for my body, so with nothing to lose I thought I’d attempt something new. I’m up to 1000 meters now and it feels great. My back, while still recovering and weak, doesn’t hurt when running and neither do my knees. My spine used to give-out as late as 6 weeks ago, causing me on occasion to drop several dinner plates laden with food while carrying them from the kitchen to the table. Perhaps that’s an involuntary diet method, but a sad state to be in nonetheless. So running 1000 meters in 8:57 as I did the other day is a great leap forward. It’ll be a few more weeks before I can do the workouts as RX’d, however.Thanks for tolerating the long post, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself, background and where I’m at with my training.Good luck in your training!