800m run



Box Jumps (24 in)

800m row

Post time to comments.


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  1. Registered for the Open this morning. Super excited. Let’s go CFNF!!!

  2. I’m excited to see you all kill this open!!

  3. What? No Burpees? Bummer. Lol
    Good Luck to Ben and all those signing up for the Open.

  4. Everyone needs to sign up for the open!

  5. That was a good workout. Actually compared to the others this week it was almost fun.
    Q thank you for working out with me and HAGS for cheering us on.
    Did the deads from yesterday and feel great!! Trying to keep my strength up.
    Day 4 to HAGS.
    Going to try to get in one win this week, tomorrow.

  6. fun and box jumps in the same sentence from Jacklyn….say it isn’t so….by the way Jacklyn did 84 box jumps today…red box with a plate….which makes it a blue box!!! moving on up…Q had really great KTE’s today…nice job ladies….that was a fun workout…and felt good to get in more..:)

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