Future Crossfitter.

HQ Rest day.  CFNF WOD:

AMRAP 20 Min:

5 Hang Power Snatch (95,65)

10 OHS (95,65)

15 Double Unders

Block Run

Post rounds to comments.

Burgers, Brats and Beer after the 5PM Class on Friday!

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  1. He has the squat down perfect! Now let’s get some weight in his hands!

  2. That has got to be a LITTLE Campbell…..:)

  3. That s the perfect squat. We all have them then we lose them as we get older.!
    Nice WOD today. I’m out today.
    We are headed to the Special Olympics to support Collin in the 50 yard dash and the softball throw.
    See ya tomorrow

  4. GO COLIN!!!! Wish I could be there!! Woke up late this morning so I’ll be visiting the evening class today!

  5. only cool people go to the evening WODs
    Campbell, i want to be your son so i can get a cool iPhone too

  6. JT, you hurt my feelings:(

  7. 6 rounds RX at lunch…had fun working out with Hagler and Whit. Lunch time workouts are the best.

  8. Collin hammered the 50 yard dash. Had a false start at the beginning of the race. I like to call it “getting ahead of his competition” The judges clearly did not see it my way.

  9. go collin! he was just being strategic!

  10. ok i can be your son too but i expect an iPhone

  11. I only got 4 rounds rx….but a PR on my OHS…by 10 pounds….love working out with the lunchtime crew although it was a light crowd today..glad to get this one finished….Stringer killed it…

  12. He had a good time. Such a great day. 2nd in the softball throw, third in the 50 yard dash.I will never complain about running again as I have two working legs. These kids were running with walkers, canes, all kinds of assistance devices. They were awesome.

  13. Great video of Collin… proud..he is a great runner..

  14. austinmclean says

    looked like a cheetah wearin a yellow shirt to me

  15. Awesome video!!!! I like how he holds his hands up at the finish!! Go Collin!

  16. that’s not why you hurt my feelings! i don’t want to be your mom!
    just remember i’m cool and i work out in the mornings! mean!!!

  17. Collin is the man!!! That was awesome to watch!! Next time we all need to go out and be his “official fan club”!!

  18. Did JT Say something?

  19. yknow the whole “only cool people work out in the evenings” comment, like us “am-ers” are chopped liver . . . .and that we’re not “cool” enough to work out then . . . whatevs, keggers! haha

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE the video! Go Collin! I so wish I could have seen him!

  21. Funny thing is JT never showed up! So NOT Cool!

  22. Congratulations David on your MU!