HQ Rest Day.


Alt WOD:

1RM Jerk

AMRAP 12 Min

3 Jerks 80% of Max

5 Burpees

7 KB Swings 70/53


Post load/rounds to comments.


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  1. I loved this work out.
    Jerk 155#. No PR. Tried 165# twice but then moved on to the WOD.
    Thanks Jon for pushing me AND making me laugh the whole time. Thanks Meatball for staying to count us.
    6 rounds plus 8 RX used 125# to jerk.
    Looking forward to the High School Weightlifiting Championship this week-end. I hear we have a lifter 🙂
    See ya tomorrow

  2. Shout out to Nicole!! In the absence of HAGS,she is my new rabbit. Awesome on both the jerks and the RX today. Good lunch crowd today.