75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps for time.

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090703.


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  1. WooHoo!!!!

  2. Campbell says

    What’s the weight for this WOD?

  3. Well for all the other guys it’s 75lbs. But since you asked I’m guessing it’ll be about 200 for you.
    What is the weight for women?

  4. Nice Rx, Xena!

  5. Campbell says

    Only 200? This one’s gonna be easy 🙂

  6. Campbell says

    6:15 Rx

  7. Stringer says

    sweet…how did that feel? Looks brutal…

  8. what’s a good time for this? looks tough

  9. Thanks for thinking I could do it:)

  10. Campbell says

    Austin had the best time on the board at 7:07. This WOD is all about your wind because the weight (75 lbs) is light. I did 20 to start and tried to keep it moving in 10-15 rep chunks. I’m going to Denver tonight & won’t be in tomorrow. Let me know how you guys finish up

  11. Stringer says

    well now that you said best time Bostic has already started stretching so he can try to beat it…

  12. The fat kid did it in 5:20. Not really sure I would call my reps snatches. More like throw it over my head.
    If you 5:30 and 6:30 boys and girls can’t beat that time, then you all need to just quit.

  13. A few of us are planning on drankin’ and carousin’ on Saturday night. If you’d like to join in, meet over at JT’s or Xena’s place around 6:30ish Saturday night for a pre-drink and we’ll figure it out from there. 65 Sloan Street. I’m No. 6, JT’s No. 4.

  14. bsawkins says

    6.09 Rx. Slower than Brad, but not bad. I’d be looking for Bostic and Stringer to be right around 5mins-5.30mins.

  15. Gdog you are having quite the week at CF.

  16. no props for me huh? i see how it is. i dont mind being the underdog

  17. Campbell says

    It’s clear to everyone that your best days are behind you.

  18. enjoyed working out with the lunch crew….great job Ben….my time was 9 min RX…for my first day back after 10 days out…felt great…great job to xena…and Jan did great at lunch….see everyone tomorrow…

  19. BAM!!! Now that is funny Campbell

  20. that’s not what your wife said

  21. that was original.

  22. I didn’t know JT ever had any best days.

  23. seriously.

  24. That was hard for me today. Nice job meatball and gdog both of whom kicked my butt!

  25. Hagler, I too will be in at lunch tomorrow after 2 weeks out so look forward to seeing everyone then.

  26. Stringer says

    4:29 RX

  27. Great job to Stringer, JT and the 5:30 crowd. I was 5 and some change.. not what I would of liked but a good WOD. Brad sorry about the 10lbs weight just add it to my bill.

  28. 4:56 rx…a big booyaa to all the haters. Good work Stringer, glad you were there to pace me. And yes, we all had counters to be sure every rep was done (shout out to Martine)

  29. 5:33RX
    yes great job Martine!!!! woohooo! nice!

  30. Smokn “Randy” times! Nice to have the Beher’s back at full speed! Well done guys. Campbell….sorry bro…you got drilled tonite by the 20 somethin crowd.

  31. Campbell says

    Sounds like some great work tonight. Guess that means I just have to go back and work a little harder.

  32. Get to work! Never underestimate us…although I completely ripped up my hands from this one because I was so determined to back-up the talk. I’m regretting it today.