Git it, Grumpy! 

50 Double Unders/10 TGU each side 35/25

40 Double Unders/8 TGU

30 Double Unders/6 TGU

20 Double Unders/4 TGU

10 Double Unders/2 TGU

Post time to comments.

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  1. Great form, Grumpy!
    Yay! Xena’s back:) Thanks, Kim, for modifying the WOD for me and my hurt shoulder. And I think, thanks to the incredible stretches you had me do, plus the TLC i’ve been getting from Justin and Murph’s Chiro, I’m 95% on the mend!
    I was starting to get the DTs from being away from you guys for so long. Awesome to hang with my peeps, Buzz, Kevin and JPo this morning (not to mention Baxter, Otis & Max), all that was missing was Doc . . .

  2. Really….? One comment? Xena, glad you are on the mend and happy to see you this am!!! Had a great Mike’s Gym WOD with Ed today. A lot harder than I expected! 30FS and 15 BS and PP & DL! I was planning on doing the CFNF wod after but no go! I plan on Oly lifting tomorrow at 1:30 fyi and Sunday at 11:30 if anyone would like to join in. I am looking forward to our strength bias (hint hint) that is coming after the wall comes down tomorrow! Andy, I like your idea for the challenge. Any other thoughts?

  3. Is there still a Wills park workout on Saturday?

  4. Yes…ur in charge of bringing beer!