Nice pull, Kathy!


Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Dave Lipson 340lbs, Jason Khalipa 335lbs, Eric Magee 325lbs, Rich Froning Jr. 317lbs, Chuck Carswell 308lbs, James Hobart 305lbs, Graham Holmberg 280lbs, Kristan Clever 215lbs, EvaClaire Synkowski 187lbs. Post loads to comments.


Cookout tomorrow after the 5PM class!!!!


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  1. shooting for a lunchtime lift today…anyone else headed in?

  2. I’ll be in at that time. I have no idea about this one though. I’m thinking I’ll be lucky to do my own body weight.

  3. Rest Day for me. Looking forward to tomorrows O-lift program SNATCHES and BACK SQUATS!!!!!!!
    Way to HAGS on your DL. DANG!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Pebbles, I surprised myself….:) I enjoyed the split jerks today…more than I thought I would…I ended at 124 just barely..The boys did great at lunch…Stringer of course killed it at 300…Bostic did 250 I think maybe 255…great job…When I left gym Sammy and Ben were at 230 …great job!!!( Ben, you thought you couldn’t even do your own body weight…)Nice lunch crowd..Scott, Spider ,Laura and Emma all worked hard!!…Looking forward to relaxing at the cookout tomorrow….hope my BADUMF’s are there!!!!

  5. Yeah, first time working on split-jerks and really enjoyed it. There’s a lot there technically to correct and I ended up failing at 230 twice so I actually only ended up doing 205, but sore shoulder and first go, I’m not disappointed. I’ll be closer to 230-240 next time and in high-2’s by christmas (lofty goals)
    Thanks to Sammy for working in with me and motivating me and to Brad for all of the tips and corrections. I love how technical some of this stuff is. Everyone seemed to do great at lunch, but Stringer’s lifting was as ever, very impressive. Good job Stringer!!

  6. Great job as well today! Thanks for the support. I surprised myself with 300. Almost caught 310 but never could stand up with it.