It was great to have Rob Pratt in for a visit!


Turkish Get Ups (total) 35/25

Pull Ups

400m row between each round

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  1. Ben, I will be here til 1:30 today, fyi.

  2. see yall at lunch!

  3. Thanks Kim! I’ll make sure I am on the road by then.

  4. Good day today. 195lbs 3×5 FS + Plyo box jumps. 345lbs DL 1×5 and then yesterday’s WOD. 3.39rx. JT, I see what you mean, it’s good having a really good time to go after, thank you for that! Messed the first round of double-unders up and was wobbly on the last set of OHS, but got through.
    So to Tuesday’s workout. It seems like I may have miscounted my rounds, although I know I did 5 sets of MU’s, so either I didn’t concentrate properly or I really am that fast. LOL! It’s unlikely given the other times I am seeing, so apologies to everyone else who followed. To sure things up, I will be revisiting this one next Saturday (29th) morning @8am for anyone who wants to join me. I will make sure I mark down my rounds and time for all to see. Apologies!

  5. Good job bud…I had the same problem on the first round of DU (I think I failed 3 or 4 times) and the last round of OHS. Plus, I just wanted to give Stacy some hope in thinking she might beat me so I took my time on the last round going into the DUs, only to do all 50 without messing up. I think sub-3:15 is very doable.

  6. Douche bag! Ha!

  7. Totally agree.

  8. On the 3.15 thing!

  9. LOL!