21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips

Connor Martin 6:59. Post time to comments.


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  1. Shout out to Ed who amazed us all at lunch and did the wod in 4:26. Ben came in under 10 minutes easy. The first heat battled through with great results too!!!
    Watching the big dawgs workout is like a spectator sport for me.
    Blake thanks for coaching me through this one.
    Meatball – You’re strong like bull. Way to go on yesterday’s wod!!!

  2. way to go Ed. I can’t come close. I’m still so sore from those 500 pushups on tuesday, but was hoping to give this a shot. Now that I know what you got, I’ll just pass on doing it. Can’t compete with that.

  3. Thanks Jacklyn! Way to go ED!

  4. bsawkins says

    Ed was crazy good at lunch. I thought I had started ok doing all 21 HSPU’s unbroken and then moving swiftly to the rings and starting on them, only to find Ed was already doing push-ups. Insane. Slowed badly once I hit the round of 15, but I’m not disappointed.
    Worked on Squat cleans and push jerk’s afterwards in my new “snazzy” (read “Garish”) lifting shoes. LOL! Definitely makes a difference on the squat cleans in terms of stability.
    I had booked a spot for tomorrow to do the Open WOD, but am going to do it with Ed on Sunday morning instead, so if anyone needs my spot tomorrow to have another crack at this, please go ahead and take it. I will release it after posting this. I will be in the gym at lunch tomorrow, normal time.

  5. what’d you get on JT? I’m thinking about waiting until Saturday to do this one. I need a lot more work on my HSPU, Dips, and Pushups (basically anything with triceps.
    Great job Ed. That’s killing it.

  6. great job on the WOD bud. sub 5 min is killing it! It would make for a good competition if you were to do it side-by-side with Ed