1000m Row

50 Thrusters 45/33

30 Pull Ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. As my legs have been SCREAMING from the pistols earlier this week and possibly the 6 ft. broad jumps…I have to say it was SAD to watch me bend under the bar at work tonight…:( I do like JACKIE but the thrusters might hurt…Jacklyn…it’s on tomorrow..:) This is a good one…good to see everyone .

  2. See you at 11:30 am.

  3. Oh my gosh! Why do my forearms hurt so bad!? The lower back is self-explanatory – dumbbell swings/deadlifts. I’m going to be eating Advil like candy today.
    Scruffy – you better be working out while you’re out of town!

  4. For those of you that have noticed that Xena has been absent from the gym this week, it is because me and my fellow Vixens have been tres busy with our Wicked event last week (thanks for coming Murph and Kimi!) and getting ready to go to New Orleans today for Tales of the Cocktail! A Vixen’s work is never done . . . . See my peeps next week!!!

  5. Worked out for only the second time in the horrible hotel gym this morning, doing the OHS, Pistol, KB Swing WOD from Tuesday. Got the usual odd looks from others in there. Had to sub 50lb DB for the KB’s. 6.15. Made up my own workout on Tuesday morning. Not a happy bunny being on the road. My diet and workout’s have gone to rat s__t. Now I’m delayed at Logan airport…flight was cancelled this morning and am supposed to be on a flight after lunch, but as yet have no seat…bonus.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone in August on my return from Philly. No WOD tomorrow as we are driving up there. I must be mad.
    Miss CFNF badly!!

  6. Miss you too Ben.
    Just break out and start doing burpees while you wait. Always clears my head.
    When the driving gets to much, pull off to a rest stop and just run as fast as you can around the restroom building.
    (yes people and your family will look at you like you’re crazy but it gives you a break).

  7. Great workout today. Q rocked it with an RX today!!! Pistol kicked my butt on this one. I did beat her off the rower. One to many breaks on the thrusters. (no i never thought Id’ beat her, just wanted to stay in her rear view mirror)
    Great job Sammy and Spider.
    Hagler the times on the board if you get in today. I missed ya, hope your legs are better.

  8. Thanks for pushing Peggy!!! But unfortunately, I have not abut will on Sunday.

  9. Welcome to MY world. Traveling sucks!!!!