Jerk- Work up to a heavy single – 15 Min time limit


15 Jerks @80%

50 Jumping Lunges (total)

50 Wall Ball Sit Ups

1 Mile Run

Post time to comments.

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  1. Great workout today. Good seeing you HAGS!!!
    Got 235 for 5 today. Felt easy today for once.
    I also did a short met-con and that made my day. Glad to feel my heart beating and my body being pushed a little.
    Q and Britt you all did great on your Jerks. Everyone’s looking good. JPO Wow!!
    Shout out to Kim who got her Jerk back up and looks magnificent!!
    Where’s Pebbles?
    Shout out to G-Dog and Spider on their wod today. Way to dig deep and finish hard.

  2. I’m here!!
    I did the Bracketology WOD at 9am. Kim was my counter. I was 3 pull ups shy of 7 rnds. Was going for 7 cuase my kick a$$ teammate got 7 plus!!!(almost 8 really)
    Great job on the 235 Jacklyn!!! Woohoo.
    See ya soon. We are headed to High Rock Lake tomorrow. Be back on Tuesday.