Nice Shoes
Nice lifting shoes!  

HQ Rest Day.  ALT WOD:

OHS – Work up to a heavy single.  15 Min time limit.

then (untimed)

20 Weighted Pull Ups

30 Weighted Push Ups 

1 Mile Run with vest


******Cookout this Friday after the 5PM Class!  BYOB*****


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  1. Nice push ups Ben!
    BTW, I am on auto re-order for the Primal Fuel and Fish Oil. I just got a shipment and I really don’t need the Primal Fuel yet, I still have a lot left in my other container. If you want to buy it from me just let me know. Shipping was free so it would just be the cost of the Primal Fuel.

  2. Thanks Pebbles. That would be great on the primal fuel, yes please. I need something to give me an extra boost so that I can try and support/test JT. He’s taken it to another level recently. I’ll be in tomorrow at lunch, but early next week would work just as well for me and would give me chance to get to the bank and get the money for you. It’s $80 right?
    Hard day today DL 335 1X5 = PR, then 215lb OHS, someway off my best, but haven’t done them for a while. Then 30 weighted pull-ups with the 53lb KB, 2×5, then 6×3 and 1×2, then 20 weighted push-ups 90lbs 1×5, 100lbs 1×5, 112lbs 1×5 and 123lbs 1×5. Finally went all out on the mile run with a 25lb vest, 6.28Rx. Was completely shattered, wheezing and spluttering when I got back into the gym. LOL! Thanks to Pebbles for the help with the weighted push-ups, loading that stuff was so much easier because of her. I’d partner up if you are doing this workout this evening.

  3. Ben the Primal Fuel is on the desk!