DSC_0103 Welcome, Jan!  Jan just completed her elements sessions and is graduating to the class!  Please introduce yourselves to her.

Burgener Warm Up
Muscle Snatch + OHS + Snatch Balance 1+1+1 X 1 X 5 – You choose weight


Double Unders – Sit Ups 

Sit up standards:  If you want the Rx shoulder blades touch the floor and elbows pass the knees.  No anchoring feet no pulling on the blue mat with feet.

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  1. CAbi clothes are here!! I’ll bring them to the gym tonight.
    Also, does anyone want to buy some medium Paleo Kits? ($4.50 each) There’s no way I’ll get thru them all.

  2. Peggy……….I will take some kits. how about 5. I will leave $ at the gym tomorrow.
    Good to be back today. Annie made my face all red!!! I had the worst time I think I have ever had BUT I worked slower more controlled on the sit ups and reached elbows past knees each time. I did a bunch butterfly style too which is slower for me.
    Anyway, love doing skill transfers.
    See ya tomorrow.

  3. Awesome! I left them on my kitchen table this morning, but will bring them to the gym Sat AM (or tomorrow afternoon if the funace guy comes early enough for me to make the 5:00 class).
    If anyone else wants any, let me know.

  4. Hi Peggy!
    I will take some too can I have 5?

  5. Peggalicious says

    Yes ma’am!

  6. Good stuff Jan. My wife just finished her Elements class, although I think they call it “On the Ramp” at the Garage…it’s an addiction!